Wet Plate Photography is a historic photographic process practiced from 1851 until the 1890’s, when glass or metal plates were used instead of film to hold a thin layer of light-sensitive iodized collodion which produced the most beautiful portraits and stunning photographs ever made, all by hand, crafted by expert and dedicated photographers. We are unique because there is no other studio like ours in town. Not that many photographers in the world are working with these processes today, so your project will be unique as well.

The Antique Photography Kiosk is the mobile version of our studio, a very rare capability due to how extremely difficult to make in the field these photographs are. The Antique Photography Kiosk is intended for:

Advertising campaigns: commercial shots made on wet plate collodion on location are very different than traditional and overly used digital shots and will give an authentic, personal look to any campaign.

High end corporate events: Only events planned to be the best of the best should consider to host the one and only Antique Photography Kiosk, our mobile version of the Antique Photography Studio. Bring the excitement of a historic portraiture process to your elite guests. This will make of the event an unforgettable experience.

Top of the line celebrations: wedding planners and event coordinators now have the option to request the presence of the Antique Photography Kiosk at top of the line celebrations, giving special guests the enjoyment of being photographed using this historic photographic process*.

How you can hire the Kiosk

There are many possibilities where antique photography is the right choice. Nothing can compare to an authentic and real image made by hand, right in front of you.

There are two ways to hire the Antique Photography Kiosk services:

Per Photo: There’s a basic fee for the Kiosk set-up and each photography is sold separatelly, no matter how many you need.

Photos Included: The Kiosk operates for a predetermined time period, and we’ll do as many photographs as possible, all are included.

To request a quote just send us a short email to:

info at AntiquePhotographyStudio dot com

 or give us a call:

303 FIVe-96 2561

What is the Antique Photography Kiosk

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