How to have your portrait made

The Antique Photography Kiosk works as a mobile studio, a very rare capability due to how extremely difficult to make in the field these photographs are.

We’ll bring all the equipment, chemical supplies, genuine cameras and lenses and perform an authentic 1850’s photography session.

There is a set up fee for commissioned portraits and part of that fee may be credited to portraits cost.

To request a quote just send us a short email to:

 info at AntiquePhotographyStudio dot com

or give us a call:

The early photographic story was embodied on glass and metal plates, images created by meticulous chemical reactions allowing silver iodides to react with light, they immortalized the resemblance of who was sitting in front of the lens. Those where the times of real photographs, they were unique, not reproducible.

The wet plate collodion process was practiced from 1851. Glass plates were used instead of film to hold a thin layer of light-sensitive iodized collodion to produce the most beautiful portraits and stunning photographs ever made, all done by hand, crafted by expert and dedicated photographers. Only a handful of artists in the world are working with these processes today, and for our portraits, we manipulate the same substrates used a century ago. Our cameras, replicas of those from 19th century, hold sizes up to 8 x 10 inches. Each substrate and size is intended for specific purposes, delivering the same outstanding image quality in all of them. Just ask us about your personal goal to determine which one better suits your needs.

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Portraits on wet plate collodion

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